All Saints Catholic High School

All Saints Catholic High School is the originator and fund holder for the Home of Football project.

Grace Boyden, a pupil at All Saints, has researched the history of Bramall Lane:

‘Bramall lane hosted its first football match on the 29th December 1862, between Sheffield F.C and Hallam F.C. The game was played to raise money for the Lancashire Distress Fund and ended 0-0. As Sheffield’s main stadium Bramall lane hosted the most important local matches. Bramall Lane became Wednesday’s permanent home between 1880 and the opening of their new stadium at Olive Grove in 1887. The first inter-association match, between the London FA  and Sheffield FA, was also held at Bramall Lane on 2nd  December 1871. It was won 3–1 by the home side, who also arranged a number of games with other Associations including regular fixtures against Glasgow. On 22 March 1889, it was decided to create a home football team to play at Bramall Lane. It was named Sheffield United after the cricket team. Bramall Lane was regularly used for international matches before the construction of a national stadium in London. The world’s first ever floodlit football match took place at Bramall Lane on 14 October 1878 in front of an attendance of 20,000.’

Some of the students at All Saints have designed logos for the project. You can see them by viewing the Logo Competition page.