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Sheffield: The Home of Football

Oldest Existing Association Football Club in the World: Sheffield FC

Second Oldest Existing Association Football Club in the World: Hallam FC

Third Oldest League Football Club in the World: Sheffield Wednesday FC

Oldest existing ground in the World still to be hosting Association Football: Sandygate

Oldest stadium in the World still to be hosting professional Association football: Bramall Lane

Oldest Knockout Cup in the World: Youdan Cup

Second Oldest Knockout Cup in the World: Cromwell Cup

Oldest County Football Association in England: Sheffield Football Association 1867

Oldest English County Knockout Cup: Sheffield Challenge Cup (Jointly with Birmingham F.A.)

Oldest English Charity Knockout Cup: Wharncliffe Cup

World’s third oldest club written playing rules: 1858 Sheffield Rules

The Sheffield FA instigated the corner kick, a fixed crossbar ,umpires and the free kick. They were also the first to discuss penalties but quickly decided against them.

World’s first use of Floodlights: Bramall Lane

World’s first League Club to be called ‘United’: Sheffield United

Oldest Church Team in the World: Heeley FC

Oldest ‘State’ School Football Club in the World: All Saints’ Night School FC

Oldest School Tournament in the World still being competed for: Clegg Shield

Sheffield played in the first ever inter-city match, against London

Oldest Pub Team in the World: Howard Hill Steel Bank FC

Oldest Player Insurance Scheme in the World

First ever Chairman of the Football Association: Sir Charles Clegg (he also played in England’s very first international against Scotland in 1872)

First ever F.A. Cup: Made in Sheffield by Martin, Hall & Co.

World’s first professional footballer. Wednesday FC were the first English club to import and compensate a Scotsman for footballing reasons, James J. Lang in the autumn of 1876.

First player from an ethnic minority (Romany) to win an England cap: Sheffield United’s Rab Howell in 1895

Sheffield United hold the record as the only club to field 10 England internationals in a league match (8 times in one season!)

Sheffield United FC, together with Corinthians FC, were the first team to compete in the 1898 Sheriff of London Charity Shield in March 1898. A football competition played annually between the best amateur and best professional club in England (either the Football League champion or FA Cup winner).

First ever BBC radio commentary on a professional football match (January 1927) featured a game between Arsenal and Sheffield United.

Today the Sheffield & District Junior Sunday Football League is the largest league of its kind in Europe