Sheffield has a unique football heritage. The football played here in Sheffield during the 19th Century has had a huge influence on the modern game. The world’s oldest club, Sheffield FC, pioneered the writing of a commonly accepted set of rules, played a key role in the formation of the FA and were involved in a host of innovations such as the first crossbar, the first corner kick, the first free kick and the first floodlit match. We want to share and celebrate Sheffield’s role in the advent of the world’s most popular sport through our Home of Football Project.

Here is the Heritage Lottery Fund’s video of the football festival which shows the Sheffield’s historical importance to the modern game of football.

This is ITV’s coverage of the schools playing by the hitsorical rules.

The project will involve school pupils investigating a number of archives under the guidance of teachers and football historians. It will involve many hard to reach pupils and communities, as well as use an array of resources on Sheffield’s doorstep, including football clubs, libraries and local associations.

The secondary school students will identify material to produce an historical record in the form of a football programme and recreate a traditional game of football using the Sheffield Rules from 1857. This blog will record and share the findings of the project.

The Press Association have also created a video to cover the success of the day.


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